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International Email Fraud

  • Author:Windy
  • Release on:2016-06-06

     International business become more and more difficult due to the economy,

so we should treasure every customer as the god:) Avoid all the related mistakes

during our work.

      But the cheaters become more smart than before, they use the international


risk to do fraud. Really really crazy and already many company have been


and cause to 100000---1000000 USD lost! So we should be attention email


     Today i receive my customers call, they ask if we have changed our bank


But actually we do not change our bank account and i did not send email to


They said have received 4 emails from me for changing bank information and

ask to

send payment to the new account. Its unlucky that our email system become

crashed for

3 hours, that is the 3hours time customers receive the email.Maybe our email or


email have been attacked, its lucky that customers do not do as the cheaters

email but

confirm with me first.

      In before email fraud, many customers due to trust the suppliers and have

done business

many years, so without any doubt they make transfer to the new bank account.

Which cause

large amount USD lost.

In order to avoid this happen, do as follow:

1.Never clik the link from unknow customers, which ask you to enter password

and email address

2.Never download any zip or very strange file from strange customers.

3.Kindly check alibaba inquiry clearly, as now cheaters use very same alibaba

inquiry to ask you enter email and password

4.Keep communication with your customers besides the email, skype,

whatsapp, wechat.

5.When you have send invoice to your customers, please keep check everyday

with customers if they have make payment and send proof to you by skype,

whats app and others.

 We should do everything to avoid this happen, which cause customers and us

big lost.