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I have had dealings with the Chinese for decades at different levels.

Sam chinatopwin 2017-07-03 09:56:42
I have had dealings with the Chinese for decades at different levels.
Most of them are pleasant people.
A high percentage are hard working.
All are respectful.
Please visit China first then say something.
On Quora, and other social media their behavior is far better than some others. They may not agree with you, but they never write abusive language. They are always very thankful for the answers to their questions.
Please read the statistics and find where China is heading
Also when you are doing all this knowing how many people in your locality had Chinese food today
When that is done, please look around in your room how many things are made in China
Press media brain washed a lot of publicity about China, but now the reality will come out
Now more and more people finding the truth and standing against injustice and wrong information
In my view mega success of China is a success for all humanity: I strongly feel, China’s prosperity is already spilling into the neighboring Asian countries. Through mega joint projects, the opening of factories in weak industrial countries.
Economically poor Asian countries have a lot to learn from the Chinese:
state of the art infrastructures.
Breathtaking public transportation.
little violent crime rate.
Women enjoy a unique status in the society, she is working shoulder to shoulder with a man. She is equally comfortable to take care of the family and has no hesitation to handle AK 47 or piloting a jet.
In the streets of Shanghai/Beijing/Chongqing/Shenzhen woman can walk fearless, and that called The Chinese Success Story.
Shanghai/Beijing/Chongqing and other major cities up 20 to 30 million populations run like Swiss clocks.
Senior citizen/parents/grandparents/great grandparents/ are treasure for the younger generation. They almost worship them; family is number one in that country.
It appears it is almost full employment there; it seems everybody is working.
There is a lot of pride and ambition in that country.
A huge misconception in the West: Contrary to the dominant belief, most of the Chinese like their Government.
They adore President Xi and the first lady.***
Most of the Chinese are very confident that they will make it, it is not any longer a written off country.
Do they have problems: You bet they do such as pollution, fear of energy crisis, the gap between wealthy and poor. Transferring the whole society from rural to urban, from Agriculture based to Industrial, long commute, male, uneven female ratio, to maintain supercharged progress, rising labor costs, and the list goes on.
Will they conquer all these problems:I am very sure they will survive and thrive.
They are one of the most hard working nation, they are smart, and their education system is excellent. China is sending their best and bright to the west to get the Western-style education to lead R.D. and original work.