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How to maintain the engine?

  • Author:Ellen
  • Release on:2016-08-24
Engine maintenance is an important work, thousands of member of the

engine or even thousands of member of the engine needs to be manually

correct maintenance method, to make them maintain good form. The engine

has a longer service life.

Maintenance tips:
Don't make the engine overheating, please use the appropriate fuel and air

filters. In order to reduce the engine internal erosion, after each practice or game,

if the air filter is bloated, you can  remove it for cleaning, if the filter is damaged,

please replace immediately. The air filter to be removed, and then in the carburetor

of the valve position to join the high quality of engine maintenance oil and  put car

(not plug ignition electric) started on the stage, let starter to drive the engine flywheel,

such engine maintenance can be full of the interior of the engine, oil engine internal

parts can get good protection, to prevent corrosion.

Engine after every use of 8 to 10 hours, you should check your engine running

(check the bearing, fire nozzle, clutch), for a long time not to use the engine, engine,

please collect in a dry place, good maintenance, and to join the engine oil.
Don't try to remove carbon deposit on the surface of the piston using some method

of soil (such as grinding with toothpaste, or use auto carburetor cleaner), after when

you use the method of soil, your engine is damaged..Engine is not often open washing,

as long as you with the finest of the fuel, the right set-up, inside the engine is very clean..