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Hover football for UEFA EURO 2016

  • Author:Peter
  • Release on:2016-07-29

UEFA EURO 2016 start from 11th,June.each team don’t know what will

happen in the next second.some teams,we may feel will win, but lose the game.

It’s amazing for all over the world.

For all football fans,have a one dream--like football.

Chinatopwin, can provide a new toy for all fans-----hover football.

Help your football dream come true:

The Hover Ball is a sliding ball that can glide over every floor surface including

carpet, hardwood, and other surfaces and moves around under any surface

without getting stuck. The surface of the ball allows for it to hit other surfaces

without having it scratched or damaged, meaning that it’s safe to use indoors.

It’s good for playing indoor soccer, or for just practicing your foot work inside

of the house. It’s good for young people or old, anyone will love the Hover Ball.

The secret is the Super Slider technology that makes sure that the ball goes and

 never stops.