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Halloween travel

Diana 2014-10-22 18:46:23
The Halloween is coming, most people are expected but also afraid. now many attractions have hold a variety of theme activities. Under such circumstances, our colleagues attended the Halloween activities of Splendid China together at last Saturday night.

When we arrived Splendid China, we saw many staff and tourists who dressed as various ghosts lounged around. Coward Girls can’t stand keeping screaming. But after going into the park, we couldn’t find even a ghost. Then we asked the staff , we found we went in a wrong direction.

At last, we went in the true way and found there were 10 topics location: bloody residential flats, Ghost photo shop, Longmen bun sore, Zombie Medical College, Ghosts Old Hall, and so on. After experienced several topic activities, most of us were suffered a scare. But someone who are courageous behaved just as playing games in general. Finally, we also play the carousel together.

No matter we are scared or not, we all were very happy. It seems that the friendship between us is a step closer.