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Everybody should have a dream

  • Author:Cherry
  • Release on:2014-11-03
Today all the China Topwin members have a training together. The teacher ask us a question “what’s your dream?”. Our Top Sales Steven and pretty Receptionist Xiaoxuan, share their dream to us. Steven want to earn 500W RMB every year after 30 years old and xiaoxuan want to build a house for her parents.

Like Jack Ma say “Everybody should have a dream, what if it comes true”. The man who without dreams in his life will be empty, but dreams always be changing as your thought go forward. To process dreams, and to pursue them, try to make them come true, this is a kind of success, a kind of glory. In the process of the pursuit of dreams, we are growing up!  Dreams can urge people make progress endlessly, perhaps in this road, we will meet many difficulties and frustrations, but never mind, where you fall down, is where you should stand up, for your dream and future! After all, the future not only rely on luck, also depend on our own. 

All China Topwin members, let us work together and fight for our dreams!