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Cool special remote control car racing in the rain

Jet wang 2014-10-10 19:36:59

Have you ever seen the rain, remote controlled racing it?

Have you ever seen the rain stunt racing run it?

Have you ever seen the rain still controlled electric remote control car?

Let us deal with the rain a little familiar with this remote control car now!

This product is carefully selected, after a little rain treatment, we personally shoot video products, this product is a remote control car TPEB-1007, this car racing in the rain, and the scene is extremely shocking and extremely elegant. I hope they like the concept of passengers. Especially friends like remote control cars, so what's good advice for everyone another site, you can also direct message, we will listen to everyone's views to be improved, we hope the exhibitions.

Have a friend like this car can also be viewed at the URL of its detailed parameters and configuration.

Product URL:1/10 scale EP off-road buggy TPEB-1007

Click to view the video:1:10 Cool special remote control off-road buggy in the rain TPEB-1007