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  • Author:Cherry
  • Release on:2014-11-20

Communication plays a significant role in our daily life, especially in modern society. Since we get along with other people in every field, we must learn how to communicate with people effectively.

Today we play a game about communication. One of our colleagues Winnie describe a simple picture only by speaking. The rest colleagues should draw it according to what she says. We can not speak during this period. After 5 mins, none of us can draw correctly.  

In our daily life, we all think we say clear enough but why others can not understand me clearly. When we repeat saying several times, we will lose our patient and think others are stupid. Through this game, I realize that there are many reasons to cause communication problems, like our different cognition,
Speaking incoherently, unsuitable communication method ect. So when we find we have problem to communicate with one person, we think we should analyze the reasons and find a best solution. Then we will find communication is so easy and our relationship with others become better and better.