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Ching Ming

  • Author:Sam
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-04-01
                                Ching Ming
Ching Ming is the earliest only a kind of solar terms, which became commemorative ancestral 
festivals and cold food festival. Cold food festival is an early holiday in ancient China, the legend
 is in the Spring and Autumn Period to commemorate the Jin Dynasty loyalty of the minister to 
push the establishment. In fact, from the historical point of view, the ban on cold food mainly 
reflects the relics of ancient Chinese customs. Primitive society, the ancestors of drilling fire, 
fire is not easy, fire species are often due to seasonal changes and constantly changing, 
therefore, to change the fire and exchange for new fire is a major event in the ancients life. 
Spring March coincided with the fire season, people in the new fire when not to stop the fire. 
Han said the cold food festival for the no-smoking section, because the people of the day 
people shall not fire, to the evening by the palace lit candle, and the fire spread to your home. 
During the cold food festival, there are mainly cold food and later became the main content of 
the Ching Ming Festival sweep the grave.