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  • Author:Windy
  • Release on:2016-09-29
In our life, there are many cheaters and there are many cases which shock us.
1.A new collegue student XuhuaiYu who has been cheated for 9000RMB Tuition fees , its sad that she is dead after this case.
She is too sad due to her family do not have much money, the 9000RMB already family total receiver.
One side, we are shocked and sorry to hear this news. Second we hate the cheaters who have make thus youngh life dead.

And after this, It is already 6 young life is dead due to the cheaters. Really really want to find the cheaters and kill them! We can not control all the people not be cheaters, but we can only follow follow steps to attention to be chated:
A.Do not believe any award message and any link on your phone message, all ingnore!
B.No matter what they said and how they said, once related to transfer money, then please attention this is cheaters!
C.Do not allow your personal information to show on many website, then there will be many cheaters contact you every day and try many avaible ways to ask your money.

Attention only one tip: once ask to transfer money, please do not do. If your friend ask to transfer money, please make call to confirm until they confirm. Please do not do nothing until they have received your call.
Money is not easy to get, we all make efforts for each fens. So be calm down any situation.