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Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

  • Author:Maggie
  • Release on:2016-06-27

In order to celebrate the Dragon Bat Festival, China topwin will

be on holiday from June 9th to June 11st.

     The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated

on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For

thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous

rice wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and

racing dragon boats.he festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, e

specially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes.

Thisregatta commemorates the death of Qu Yuan , an honest minister who is

said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river. Qu was a

minister of the State of Chu situated in

 present-day Hunan and Hubei provinces, during theWarring States Period

(475-221BC). He was upright, loyal and highly esteemed for his wise counsel

that brought peace and prosperity to the state. However, when a dishonest a

nd corrupt prince vilified Qu, he

was disgraced and dismissed from office. Realizing that the country was now

in the hands of evil and corrupt officials, Qu grabbed a large stone and leapt

into the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month. Nearby fishermen

rushed over to try and save him but were unable to even recover his body.

Thereafter, the state declined and was ventually conquered by the State of Qin.