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Careful! Lipo Fires Are Real!!!!

  • Author:Selina
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2016-12-28
I recently got to see first hand what can happen if you are not careful about charging 
your lipos.  

A friend got back from doing his laundry to find the fire department had been to his 
home. He was lucky - no one was hurt, his cat was outside, and he was able to 
save his new mega motors!  

Please be careful and take precautions with your battery charging. Use a battery bunker. 

There are numerous battery "bunkers" available....

some folks use metal Army ammo boxes, www.aeromicro.com has a ceramic pot with a
 lid and holes for the gases to escape, there is something called liposack 
www.liposack.com , www.unitedhobbies.com has a knockoff one as well.

invest in a good charger that knows what it is charging - take all the guesswork out of it. 
It can be a simple mistake to forget to change your settings from a 2100 pack to charge 
a 1300 pack.

I use the cellpro charger from www.fmadirect.com I am sure there are others that do 
similar functions.

Charge your batteries away from flammable items, and keep them separate from 
your other batteries! 

Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly.

I think this is a case where we cannot be too cautious. I don't ever want to see another 
photo like this one.

good luck and happy flying.