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Canton Fair

Bonnie 2014-10-29 17:37:29
The 116th Canton Fair, phase 2 began from October 23rd, it ended yesterday. This time, there were less RC toys manufactures than last time. However, still many foreign buyers showed great interested in the RC toys, especially the quad copters. They would like to have a try, unfortunately, there were too many people inside the hall, and so it was forbidden to fly inside. This could not prevent their enthusiasm. They took the big quad copters and flied besides the?corridor outside the hall. They flied so high and can be heard faraway. Many people came by and stopped to watch.

From the Fair, you will find out that the mini quads and the big size ones are the most popular ones. Also there were a lot of products similar to syma X5C. Would you like to know more products about RC toys? If you had missed the Canton Fair, it doesn’t matter; welcome to check our products--China Topwin. You will find the trends here too.