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Beijing China unmanned aircraft wings

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-20
  On June 14, wings of international "- the eighth China unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 
conference and exhibition" opened in Beijing, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 
conference and exhibition in "civil-military integration under the background of unmanned
 aerial vehicle (uav) key technology and application" as the theme, by the China 
aerospace science and technology international exchange center, China hosted 
unmanned systems industry alliance.
  The 8th China uav conference and exhibition site.
  It is understood that a total of 103 from six countries and regions product technology 
leading enterprises exhibitors, exhibition of more than 500 / sets of unmanned aerial
 vehicle (uav) and related equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) machine 
In terms of product exhibition, the exhibition brings together on the unmanned systems 
at home and abroad industry chain has the representative of the whole machine, 
accessories, covers industrial uav, commercial uav, the ground equipment, maritime
 unmanned, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) all kinds of form a complete set of 
equipment parts and related solutions, etc.
Industry in terms of technologies, fully shows the current mature power plant, the 
body structure and related material, flight control, launch and recovery technology, 
the wireless remote control, related technology such as image back, other industry 
forefront of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) detection and safety technology, control 
and communication, image processing technology, technical means such as 
battery life also stirring, fully shows the lightweight (composite), long-endurance 
uav, high load bearing capacity, in addition. New concepts and technologies such 
as unmanned aerial VR and artificial intelligence have also appeared at this exhibition.
  In the field of unmanned aerial vehicle applications, the drone industry has 
been focused on the latest applications and solutions in niche areas. Agriculture, 
forestry and plant protection, electric power inspection, fire disaster, the public security 
system, the application in the field of surveying and mapping, weather, environmental 
monitoring has been shown to a mature industry demand trends. Shangbao