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At the end of 1, 150 years ago, there will be an observation department "Full moon in the color

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2018-01-05
China and the new network, on January 4, according to reports from the Russian satellite network,
scientists predict that end 1 will be the "full moon in the color of blood" of the sky.

It has been reported that the "Blood Moon" phenomenon is not a rare astronomical miracle, but 
at the same time the total lunar eclipse and the phenomenon of "blood" are very rare.
Data picture: landscape "month of blood".
A recent observation of this phenomenon took place 150 years ago, and another phenomenon 
of the "full moon" took place on December 31, 2028 and January 31, 2037.
According to the researchers, the complete phenomenon of the "Blood Moon" occurs only on a 
dark day without light. The first group that will see "Blood Moon" are people living in the Western 
The full moon is an astronomical phenomenon in the new moon or the full moon, when the 
distance between the moon and the earth reaches the nearest situation. The moon at this time 
will seem bright red because it is in the shadow of the earth and only part of the light can fall to 
the surface of the moon.