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Amazon unveils 30-minute Prime Air quadcopter delivery service

  • Author:Peter
  • Release on:2014-11-12
Amazon, the company that already automates many of its warehouses and fulfillment centers with robot workers, has unveiled Amazon Prime Air — a new delivery method that will see autonomous quadcopter deliver your order within 30 minutes. A couple of years from now, perhaps on Cyber Monday in 2015, you might be able to order a PS4 game or the latest smartphone and have it delivered to your door in half an hour.
Still, as a concept, Amazon Prime Air is very exciting. While 2015 might be a little too optimistic, there’s no doubt that we’re moving towards a future that is increasingly ruled by autonomous robots?and vehicles. There are absolutely massive gains to be made by speeding up and automating the retail experience, from warehouse to doorstep and every stage in between — gains that Amazon and other retail giants are guaranteed to take advantage of.