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Four market trends identified

monica 2016-01-27 15:27:23
Today, we want to ?share the Hong Kong toy fair
Four market trends identified
Analysing the response from exhibitors, Mr Chau identified four market trends:
High-tech kidult toys are still trending;
Blockbuster movies’ licensed products have a competitive advantage;
Year of the Monkey Baby Boom and Two-child Policy to boost demand;
High-quality green baby products attractive.
Innovative products stimulate demand
“At the Toys & Games Fair, a significant number of kidult toys caught the eye of buyers, including innovative products using magnetic levitation, holographic projection and augmented reality technology,” said Mr Chau. “Licensed animation products were also well received. This year, movie blockbusters like?Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Kung Fu Panda 3, Ice Age 5?and?The Angry Birds Movie?will be in theatres, boosting the related product sales.”?

Mr Chau added, “Due to the ‘Two-child Policy’ and the “Year of Monkey” Baby Boom, buyers generally look favourably on the Chinese mainland market, expecting a rise of at least 20 to 30 per cent in sales. Some shopping malls and department stores have reserved more space for selling child, baby and maternity products. Despite the recent mainland stock market contraction, the sales performance of child and baby products, which have an inelastic demand, remain unaffected. On the contrary, parents are more willing to spend on high-quality and safe products, especially those with green concepts.”?

Positive feedback on new products
Adran Chong, Managing Director, Soap Studio, an exhibitor at the Toys & Games Fair, said the company showcased licensed products of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (remote-controlled Batwing and Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer), catching the attention of many buyers. “The quality of buyers in the Toys & Games Fair is high,” Mr Chong said. “We have met buyers from enterprises like Toy”R”Us and Tomy Co Ltd who have shown their interest in sales cooperation on the first day of the fair. Furthermore, there are buyers coming from different countries like Panama and Kuwait who are very interested in the smart-tech and licensed toys. The fair helps our company explore new sales channels.”

Alan Fan, Senior Sales Executive of Yuneec International, whose Typhoon H product was recently awarded ‘The Best Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ in the Las Vegas fair CES, said the buyer traffic was satisfactory. “Many buyers from the United States and European countries came to Hong Kong looking specifically for drones. They are looking for light and easy-to-use drones for consumers. The next decade will be the golden age for unmanned aerial vehicles,” he said.