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Balance Life

kylin 2014-11-25 18:14:04
Every one know balance life is best version:
In my opinion, healthy is first important.  Today I talk with one of my customer, he said his healthy worse than before, since he is so busy, business stronger than before, and he is very professional at hobby cars, so he need be responsible for all business matters, thinks one day 24 hours is not enough.
I give him some advice:
1, keep healthy eating: breakfast, lunch ,dinner on time and be attention less meat more vegetables.
2, job just in day, when come home, stop it. Just enjoy time with family: why not go for a walk with wife? Talk some while increase love too.
3,Weekend go to visit parents or take holidays to enjoy life.
4, Jobs busy, why not hire person and train them become professional, it can make business more and more stronger. ^_^