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Topwin-A big happy family

  • Author:bonnie
  • Release on:2014-11-14

Topwin-A big happy family


It’s the last ten days of the competition between 14 companies. Though we had a good ranking at the moment, we still keep working hard to fight for better. So sometimes we will work late in the office. Our nice manager brought us a electromagnetic oven and welcome us to cook when we need.

Last night, many of us kept working off duty. Our lovely colleagues Miss Tang and Miss Huang suggested cooking the dumplings and noodles left in the fridge. Our Mr. Sun even went to buy two bowls of instant noodles. The office became bustling with noise and excitement. We talked happily and gave opinions. About thirty minutes later, we ate happily and many of us said it’s very delicious. It’s just some dumplings and noodles, but we ate like tasting some most delicious food. Look, aren’t they a big happy family?