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OSD Model of GPS RC Drones

  • Author:Cherry
  • Release on:2014-10-17
Hi there!

Today I am glad to share you good news:OSD Model has been comed out of GPS RC Drones.
Do you know what’s OSD means?
OSD is a very important tool for aerial photography, as it can can add the Freex informations to video, by 5.8G picture transmission module sends to controler.
Support PAL,NTSC.Can update the word stock and software for subsequent more functions and display content upgrade.

What information of GPS RC Drones you can see via OSD?

You can see the battery, motor, GPS states, which can help you know the Drones states.
Then make related adjustment when take photos, make videos.

More details, please kindly email us at: info@chinatopwin.com
We will also update and share this details soon on our website: www.chinatopwin.com

Hope all of the aerial photography lovers can have a more exact experience when they flying.