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Losi 1/5 5IVE-B 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Steven 2016-07-18 13:40:20

Losi is calling the new 5IVE-B a "purpose-designed racing kit that can be

equipped to your standards", and we wholeheartedly agree! The all-new Losi

1/5 5IVE-B 4WD Buggy Race Kit is designed from the ground up to be a competitive

racer, with features such as dual steering servo mounts, a cab-forward body, 24mm

aluminum shocks with bleeder caps, lightweight one-piece wheels and new inserts and

tires, and heavy duty brakes just to name a few.

The Losi 1/5 5IVE-B 4WD Buggy Race Kit will retail for $1199.99.

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